Ode to Our Attention Deficit Generation

Remember the last time a joke over 5 minutes long put you in stitches? No? Welcome to comedy 2.0. Nowadays, we have a window of 10 seconds to make us chuckle before we’re off on the search for the next laugh.

Take a look at the original Charlie Chaplin or the Three Stooges sketches. The jokes were silly, the subjects sometimes crass, but the result was always heartwarming.  As our attention spans’ shortened and tastes changed, even SNL feels as though its day has come and gone. The long-form sketch has given way to the 1-minute-YouTube-video star and internet memes. Don’t get me wrong – love a good philosoraptor. Just pointing out that even the classic “Who’s On First” sketch from Abbott and Castello feels a little long nowadays. And that clip lasts only six minutes.

Hop on board the virtual time machine below to have a look back on some of the most iconic moments in comedy from the past few decades. Do they still stand the test of time?









Jurassic Park Critter Imitation

What makes you laugh? What memes steal your heart? What sketches of yesteryear still crack you up today?


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