Your Art as a Child

Acknowledge that spark of an idea, the twinkle of  creation.

Endure the birth pangs, the painful fear that what you have envisioned may not live up to all that you hope. Be gentle with yourself. Push through and let that product of conception breach the light.

Do not ignore the cries, the whimpers when your fledgling calls for your help.

It cannot stand on its own yet. Take its hand when it falls. Right it and help it rise again.

Stand by its side and champion the small successes. Guide  it back to a proper path when it strays.

Do not coddle your young one. Do not pride yourself when it is not fully-formed.

Continue to put in the work, day after day. Know that anything worth doing requires patience and persistence. Not every day will be easy.

It will be grown before you know it. When it looks back for your approval, nod and let it continue to thrive on its own.

Sleep peacefully. You have made something. And in doing so, made the world a little better.

Rinse and repeat. There can never be a shortage of beautiful things in this life.

Why not be part of it?

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