You Are Theatre

Recently came across this wonderfully inspiring YouTube project: I Am Theatre. Their mission is to capture pivotal moments in the lives of theatre-makers over the course of 50 weeks.

This video I found particularly inspiring since Mallory is a woman who had to reconsider her dream. Watch to see how she was able to turn the craft that she loved into a fulfilling career.

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12 thoughts on “You Are Theatre

  1. Great post!

    I think everybody along the path of life (or success) has to reassess where they are going, either because of a lack of a market, or due to circumstance, or whatever. I know I’ve taken many detours along my way… I’m sure they’ll be others as time goes by, too.

    Always keep going, never quit on your dreams and ambitions, there is always a way, if you never, never, never, never give up…!

    Ant :c)

  2. I am a writer publisher historian who is studying performance writing and loving every minute of it. I have never been so challenged and so inspired by my work. Good to see someone else who is really getting a lot out of what many see as a bolt on to real life, but without which life would be rather colourless.

    • Thank you! You said it very well – we do too often get stuck in the ruts we create for ourselves – whether we’re artists or not. We all can benefit from a little nudge out of our typical mindframe from time to time.

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