The “100 Things Purge”

In efforts to simplify my life, I recently decided to combine cleaning my apartment with a quest to figure out if I could find 100 things I could either throw away or donate. Surprised myself with how many things I was holding on to for no good reason. Some things went to Goodwill, others just into the trashbin. Either way, already feel lighter.

Here are the result of that purge:

1. Jacket 2. Perfume 3. Gift box 4. Lanyard 5. Eyeshadow 6. Mirror 7. I Heart Jim post-it notes 8. Playing cards 9. Chuck Norris Button 10. Keychain 11. Luggage tag 12. Purse 13. Makeup bag 14. Makeup bag 15. Film promo bag 16. Old Headphones 17. Necklace bag 18. Mardi Gras Necklace 19. Mardi Gras Necklace 20. Headband 21. Wristlets 22. Bead glue 23. Beads 24. Shirt 25. Sunglasses 26. Garfunkel & Oates Single (they’re hilarious) 27/28. Extra Holiday towels 29. Quickdry hair towel 30. Shirt 31. Shirt 32. Tape holder 33. Sleep kit 34. Eyemask 35. Socks 36. Hairbrush 37. Old check holder 38. Tweezers 39. Keychain  40-45. Placemats (from when my kitchen was green once upon a time) 46.  Old mic 47.  Water bottle 48. Pencil Lead 49. Knitted hat 50. Cup 51. Cup 52-55. Plates 56-57. Two placemats 58. Organization Box 59. Headband 60. Razor 61. Earring 62. Kazoo 63. Bag 64. Bag 65. Sock 66. Sock 67. Sock 68. Bag 69-70. Jazz shoes 71-72. Jazz shoes 73. Sock 74. Sock  75. Bag  76. Cuisinart Box 77-83. Assorted Magazines 84. Box from birthday gift 85. Poster 86. Broken DVD player 87. Paleyfest Catalog 88. Packing box 89. Mag 90. Trader Joe’s Mag 91. Brookstone Mag 92. Dutch Oven Box 93. Blush 94. Lipliner 95. Foundation (all of these foundations were either the wrong shade or only had a few drops left in them) 96. Mascara 97. Foundation 98. Eyeshadow 99. Hair tie 100. Foundation

Want to share what would your 100 Things Purge look like?
Send an email to colorandlighttheatre (at) gmail (dot) com with your photos for chance to have your purge featured on the site.
Those selected will have a link back to their blog and their photos featured in a dedicated post.


46 thoughts on “The “100 Things Purge”

  1. That’s Totally Awesome 🙂
    I wish i had taken a picture —— I just finished my spring cleaning 2 weeks ago —–
    more than 100 things —– So Freeing 🙂
    i Feel like i have a brand new place 🙂
    awesome post ——–
    the more we let go of —- the better ….:)
    CAT 🙂

  2. I am ALWAYS trying to de-clutter — problem: husband who likes to collect. It’s a never-ending battle. But I like this photo-accountability — a great way to see exactly what you can live without.

  3. Hi,
    Isn’t it amazing the amount of stuff we seem to accumulate over the years. I also did a bit of a clean out not so long ago. Good on you, it a great feeling after such a clean up, and the bonus is we have more room. 😀

  4. It’s very cathartic, isn’t it. I lead a very minimalist lifestyle these days and only have about 10 non-essentials in my daily/ day-to-day lifestyle. The joys of having emigrated more times than I care to mention and having to give away/ purge things from your life. When you move as much as I do, you learn to stay lean and light…!

    • That’s great that you’ve honed your daily needs down to suit a more minimalist lifestyle. That’s the ultimate goal. I would love to try living in one of those tiny 250-300 sq feet houses to really test what you can and cannot live without.

  5. Good job done, but wow, sortiing, photographing, counting, numbering ANd describing everything??? Makes for a great post, but I bet you could have gotten through another hundred items in the time it took you to do all that, LOL! It always feels good to lighten our loads doesn’t it?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today and leaving a comment. I appreciate it!

  6. You are very brave my friend..I tried de-cluttering and then kept them in a separate box which is now in a store room,…..
    the day is not far when empty torn packets will find them selves a cupboard in my house 😆
    Good job, have a great day 🙂

  7. Little Obama??? Where ever did you get that purse from??? Wow, some of the items that we never even knew existed…

  8. I recently invested a few hours in purging as well. I gave away about 30 books and 20 CDs to the library; two contractors’ bags full of clothing to the Salvation Army; and a bunch of stuff that went directly to the trash. Still a long way to go, but I have my books condensed down to one book case instead of “all over creation.” 🙂 It’s very liberating!

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