Be Your Own Superhero

You’ve been waiting a while now, haven’t you? For that superman to rush down from the sky and whisk you away from the wreckage strewn about you. The phonebooths all are empty. No bespectacled individual in sight. You twiddle your thumbs and glance up – “just a few more minutes…”

But still,  a single question:

Why wait?

You know what went wrong – you saw it happen. You can retrace the steps, follow them to the source. You can take the reigns – you’re sick of delaying. You have more power than you think.

What’s that? Your shirt begins to itch. You look down, take a peak under the collar and catch a glimpse of… No, it can’t be… Oh but it is.

You’ve been wearing the super suit this whole time. Looks like you’ll just have to show the world (and yourself) what you’re made of…Time to kick butt, my friends.

Now get out there and own today!

And quit hanging around for someone to save the day when you’ve had the ability to do so all along.

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21 thoughts on “Be Your Own Superhero

  1. Love the Corgi 🙂

    I consider myself paying it forward every day by sharing what I hope is valuable information with other writers and those who are trying to earn money online.

  2. Great post. I just passed my fairy godmother/ big lottery win phase. These days I am most definitely my own superhero. I just don’t wear that scratchy spandex costume.

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