31 thoughts on “How You Can Start Stealing and Get Away With It

  1. Reblogged over on glitter&&hiphop 😀 My creative reserves were running a little low today, this is just what I needed! Thanks!

  2. Let them see the diamond cuff link but not the trick up the sleeve, keep a velvet glove with a iron fist underneath, cross all t’s, dot all i’s & rember to tie up lose strings, then keep on the run. Thief mentality.

  3. \m/ Yay! These aren’t new ideas, and yet every time I come across them, I feel liberated. A sure sign that this is what our souls need to hear, again and again, until the truth of the message sinks in.

  4. Pingback: This needs to be said, and said, and said, until it sinks in. | Маленький Лес

  5. Reblogged this on Beanbag and commented:
    I love reading ‘Thoughtsontheatre’s’ blog anyway… but this post has lifted my spirits after the anger of not being given the rights to perform ‘Aalst’.

    This post inspires and reassures. :o)

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