Don’t Box Yourself In

You may think that the walls you’ve placed around you define you,

or  protect  you, or at least provide some sort of structure  to  your

life. But in reality? You don’t need ’em. Break down those walls and

explore  the  parts  of  yourself  that   you’re  unsure  of,  that  you’re

tentative  to  trust,   that  you’ve  always  dreamed  of  being  able  to

embellish.  Don’t just step, but  leap  outside  of  your  comfort  zone

and  see  what  happens.   Something  unexpected,  no  doubt.    Seek

out  those  things you  never thought you’d be  good  at,  and play in

the wide open spaces which once scared you…            and, oh yeah…





Image from Phillip Schumacher

24 thoughts on “Don’t Box Yourself In

  1. I would say for me, writing a blog is stepping outside of my “box”. I can’t believe how positive an experience it’s been!

  2. I absolutely love your photo!!! It really is soooo true about how we live our lives!!! That picture really is worth a thousand words. Hope you don’t mind if I maybe use it in one of my future posts..maybe far-in-the-future posts… about stepping out of the box to live life as an adventure.

    • Thanks soulspice. The photographer did an incredible job in capturing a sense of limitation and self-struggle. And course you can use this post as inspiration in the future. I always just ask that you refer back to Thoughts on Theatre if you use any content directly.

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