Truly Blessed and Duly Grateful

Thank you so much Ami Fidèle for nominating Thoughts on Theatre for the Inspiring Blog Award! It’s a joy to have connected with such an wonderful writer and “old soul.” Check out his blog when you have a moment to see how this loyal friend weaves his words into works of art.

The award asks for seven things about you that you wouldn’t normally post. So, on that note:

1. Grew up in Massachusetts and loved my east-coast childhood. Fall colors and fort-building in autumn, sledding down the backyard in winter, catching frogs in the pond behind our house in spring, and celebrating 60 degree weather with popsicles in summer. Crazy that California has made my tolerance for any kind of wind-chill non-existent.
2. I think Gruyère is the perfect cheese.
3. Starting taking samba recently and absolutely love it. The dance is completely liberating and my instructor is basically a miniature, all-around-inspiring Brazilian version of Shakira.
4. I love and cherish those that have a way with words. Some of the writers that helped me figure this out include Rumi, Anaïs Nin, Neal Stephenson, Kahlil Gibran, and Pablo Neruda.
5. Sometimes I feel guilty when I listen to a single music album too much – not because I shouldn’t like it – but because there are so many other tunes out there that I haven’t heard yet that need listening to too.
6.  My favorite birthday memory was turning 21 under a bridge of the Seine in Paris. A group of new french friends sang “Happy Birzday” at midnight and we all shared some wine and a tiny bit of dessert they had packed from an earlier picnic. It was the perfect way to start a new year.
7. I’m stubborn and don’t like when it happens, but I’m learning that there’s no shame in being wrong.

The award also calls for some  fellow nominations, so I would like to recommend the following reads:

Mindful Mod – I absolutely love her inspiration and thought-provoking posts. 
Dean J. Baker – Gorgeous, evocative poetry and stories.
Blissful Adventurer – An adventure-hungry heart shares his tales of trips abroad and lessons learned here at home.
Raising my Rainbow – One awesome mom blogging about her gender-nonconforming son.
Moments with Millie – Beautiful words from a beautiful soul.
Outre Monde – Ever enlightening posts from the author behind “The Art of Failure” and other hits.
We wander and wonder – A visual feast of fun and inspiring images.

Also, thank you to La Vie Boheme Art for the Sunshine Award nomination and to Original Apple Junkie for the Versatile Blogger Award nom! So grateful to have your support and thanks again for thinking of Thoughts on Theatre!

20 thoughts on “Truly Blessed and Duly Grateful

  1. No surprises here! With your fabulous attitude I hope you’re ready to move in to evermore fabulousness. Congratulations! Can’t imagine you’ve ever been wrong : -)

  2. #5 is similar to one of mine: i feel saddened whenever i walk into a bookstore to look at / purchase books, because i know that i’m missing out on some amazing literature that i’ll absolutely love, but will never discover.

  3. Holy Cow! I just saw this and wow, thank you. I was just about to start typing all the lovely reasons you deserved this and how much I loved the photo you used to intro the post when I saw my own name in lights! You are far too kind and I have been far too crazy prepping for Italy to see this honor you bestowed upon me. This is a great post and Happy Birzday is priceless! I am so grateful to have found your blog and excited we are followers and supporters. Thank you again, you are too kind 🙂
    All the best,

  4. I love your 7 things! I have been similarly inspired by the authors you named, and I loved the images of your Eastcoast childhood and your memory of a birthday on the Seine. Thanks for liking my blog post. I look forward to exploring your blog.

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