Fix It Before It’s Broken

When the edges begin to fray,
and simple threads release their tight embrace
to reach instead for open air,
take notice and mend the seam.

As the soles wear down,
and pebbles caught underfoot pinch upward
clinging to a newfound crevice,
brush them away and repair the base beneath.

If anger pervades your thoughts,
and keeps you from your lover’s side
as your hungry ego yearns for validation,
Seek solace in each others arms and not in silence.

And should the heart begin to harden,
and bitterness bite down on tender flesh
to build up  calloused walls,
run swiftly to the promise of love  – the only balm, the only cure.

20 thoughts on “Fix It Before It’s Broken

  1. Lovely, and such good advice. We are so anxious for gratification that we go global when we should fix the particulars- you’ve caught that so very well. Good job. K.

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