How Do You Measure Success?

Does no good to compare when everyone is on their own unique path to success. Should you lay these paths out side by side, you will see they are all equally fulfilling. Choose your own, mix and match, and remember that your success story may not look a thing like someone else’s.

18 thoughts on “How Do You Measure Success?

  1. Since I do research about evaluation and assessment, I LOVE THIS! Success is or should be measured against what the individual — or the organization — values.

    • Thanks so much Linda! You must really have an eye for it with all that research behind you. And exactly, no point in chasing someone else’s success story if it doesn’t ring true for you. .

  2. So very true. Each of us can measure our success by our own barometer. You are right when you state that no two success will be alike, we make our success our own, and that is as it should be. Jay

  3. How do you come up with such brilliant yet deceptively simple questions?
    Takes a truly inquisitive and insightful mind to explore humanity and the phenomenon of being human.
    Please keep the thoughts coming.

  4. This is genius!

    “First $50 from Grandma” got me all choked up! I was (and always will be) a “Grandma’s Little Girl” and keep her memory dear to my heart. Having had a grandma like her was a success in itself πŸ™‚

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  6. And you know what’s really cool too about this — I feel like I can relate a little to all the categories, not just one. And I’m sure many others feel the same way πŸ™‚

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