Melbourne: Paint by Colors

Melbourne easily earns the title of one of the hippest little cities I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting. Artsy, intellectual, sprawling, and fast-paced, this place is truly world-class. A pal of mine moved to Australia earlier this year, and she has since made Melbourne her home.

We ran all around trying to jam pack the “true Australian experience” into a few days and she was an absolutely phenomenal host. We fed wallabies, caught some awesome films at the St. Kilda Film Festival, watched the tiny blue penguins (600 of them!) come in at dusk on Phillip Island, took in some contemporary galleries, noshed on scones while discussing countries’ “Gross National Coolness” at the Next Wave Festival, and got entirely too little sleep. But oh, it was worth it.

And because photos sometimes tell the story better than words can, I give you the full spectrum of Melbourne – in technicolor!

8 thoughts on “Melbourne: Paint by Colors

  1. I’m not a Melbournian, but I missed it, if I didn’t go down for a while every year, when I was living in Oz. It is hip, with its street art and plethora of galleries, and yes, there’s a vibrant cultural scene, and good food, and (used to, hope it’s still the case) the best dancing/clubbing, and lots to do outdoors. Don’t know what the natives would think about being termed “little”, but you’re right, and that’s one of its great charms: everything is so accessible.

    • Of course by little I mean ridiculously extensive. I love the fact that Melbourne has seemed to accumulate the nearby suburbs into part of the city itself – from what the locals were telling me, the CBD used to be the only “true” city part, but nowadays St.Kilda, Fitzroy, Brunswick and other areas even further on the outskirts have been roped into the city. That’s fantastic that you got to frequent it so often. It’s definitely one I can see myself returning to again and again.

  2. Thanks for the blog visit, and for visiting my (former) home town Melbourne too. They regard themselves as the theatre capital of Australia too, though Sydneysiders may dispute this.

    • Of course, my pleasure on both counts. Great blog and fantastic city, so thanks for sharing them both. And I can definitely see why the two would want to duke it out, but I loved what I did see of the Melbourne theatre scene.

  3. Wow! I’ve lived here 40-odd years and haven’t seen Melbourne represented so beautifully before!
    Lovely post – makes me appreciate my city even more.
    And Melbourne definitely has the best theatre and the most appreciative audiences in Australia!

    • Thank you Simon! And great post on Moonshadow – my friend and I were so interested in seeing it, but didn’t get a chance before I had to hop back on the plane. Your review answered a lot of the questions we had after seeing the promotional material for the show.

      Enjoy that fabulous city of yours and all of the great theatre it has to offer!

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