Why Wait? Live Now

A few years ago, illustrator Eric Smith was diagnosed with three different types of cancer. Instead of labeling his experience as a negative one and resisting the situation, he embraced it in effort to seek out harmony in his life.

“Having my physical life threatened, provoked within me a strong separation between my spiritual and physical being. Although my physical body was being attacked … my spiritual essence was untouchable.”

Before, he was cruising along through life. His diagnosis challenged him to make a conscious effort to recognize the gift that the situation had given him – the ability to live in and through each and every moment of his life. It led him to launch the Live Now Project – a community of artists that collaborate and share their message through art, storytelling, words of wisdom and more. And oh, what a wonderful message it is.


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7 thoughts on “Why Wait? Live Now

  1. I can definitely bond with what he wrote! Sometimes is just amazing how something bad can turn out to be a wake-up call for the better! You suddenly realize the things that matter the most and you tend to focus on the things you love. You also think on how to give back to the community, just how he did!!! Wonderful post…

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