Ring Ring – Your Intuition’s Calling

Welcome back to the week folks. How did you spend your weekend? Mine was dotted with rehearsals for Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, cheese sampling with friends, and finally trying out one of LA’s lil hip chowdown spots, A-frame.

I was recently chatting with a dear friend about their nervousness regarding how they planned to navigate a pretty big life-shift (that includes a possible move and changing careers). And it got me thinking about how we often ignore our intuition when we might need it most.

The constant influx of media rushing towards you at 700 mph got you down? Worried about what your friends might think? Feel barraged by choice?

Good news is that you have a built it barometer that already knows what will make you happiest and serve you best. The trouble for many of us is tuning in and listening when we have “ten other things to do.” Thus in order to take time, you have to make time.

Devote 10 minutes in the morning to think about what you want out of the day.

When pressed with a difficult decision, pare down your schedule to allow yourself time for reflection.

Rushing from scheduled moment to next scheduled moment is not only prohibitive to tuning in to your intuition, but to your creativity and energy as well.

It’s Monday – you can start this week with an open mind and a new commitment to listening to that little voice of yours. If you keep holding the mic away, it may start to look elsewhere for karaoke opportunities and slam poetry nights.

10 thoughts on “Ring Ring – Your Intuition’s Calling

  1. That may be the best tagline/ post title I have seen lately. Good advice also- I do take the time in the morning to be grateful and transition into the day. I find life also gives me two occasions to do a few relaxation breaths- red lights and the loo.

  2. Good advice but often hard to follow. Somehow we always get in our own way. I have been working on this lately and it has been quite challenging. Taking time just to be thankful and reflective and think about what you want is so important to do. Thanks for the reminderr.

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