10 Things You Should Start Doing Right Now

Take more photos.
There will be a time, ten years from now perhaps, when you get nostalgic and wonder why you did not capture every glorious moment that passed by when you were just a tad younger. This cycle will continue each decade or so. So start snapping and saving a few more of those small and candid moments – the ones that make your lips curl into that side smile that you love so well.
Care for something beside yourself. 
Whether it’s a garden, a pet, or child, or stranger, discover the joy of helping someone beside yourself.  As you come across challenges you will learn patience. When you finally see them succeed, you will realize why such cultivation is completely rewarding.
Wear whatever you want.
Create your own style. If you flaunt whatever you got on, most people won’t question it. So stop worrying about critical eyes. Focus instead on finding looks that are an extension of who you are.
Don’t allow routine to control your life.
Inject your days with things that surprise you and experiences you never thought you would have. If something sounds like it might be “out of character” for you, give it a try. (You may just discover that you’re actually awesome at fire juggling).
Travel without a destination.
Try the thrilling and nerve-racking experience of heading somewhere without a checklist in mind. Explore for exploration’s sake. Decide what you deem to be the most interesting parts of a city, not what another person dictates them to be.
Let your inner child out to play. 
Life’s too short to perpetually take yourself seriously. Allow yourself time to remember the joy that accompanies an unbridled mind, then let yours loose.
Read a book.
An actual book with pages, and cover, and all. Set aside the internet and get lost in someone else’s story for a while. Marvel at the strange permanence of the author’s words. Return to “real life” when you wish.

Dance on the edge of your fear.
Take a look at what frightens you. Now challenge yourself to lay down your best moves in spite of it all. This dance off will be your largest opportunity for growth, the thing that catapults you from the person you think you are to the person you’ve always wanted to be.

Life will sling the bad and the ugly at you as well, but if you don’t take stock of the good, you may accidently forget how much of it comes your way.

Do your best to make love work.
Do not leave it all up to someone else read your mind or to fix everything. Chances are, you could be doing something too. Realize that great love transforms the things that you once thought impossible into possibilities. Isn’t that something worth fighting for?

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33 thoughts on “10 Things You Should Start Doing Right Now

  1. A lot of good advice in this post, and the pictures just send it on over the top! Thanks for posting this, and for the smile that this post brought.

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