Travel Expectations Meeting Reality

How much of your travel dreams are made up of the ideas promised from advertisements,  pages ripped from the travel mags and pinned up for another day?

Recently sat down for a chat with the composer of See Rock City to talk travel and our expectations from trips we take: what we search for, hope to experience, and try to cross off of our list. We all are united in our journeys towards destinations, both real and imagined.

Have your travels always lived up to your expectations? Tell your story below.

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12 thoughts on “Travel Expectations Meeting Reality

  1. I have not traveled to the many places I have wanted to visit yet, but here is my story about the most memorable for your topic. 🙂

    My parents surprised up with a vacation to the Bahamas. This was the first time my siblings and I had ever been outside the U.S. We were ecstatic! Our internet searches of the area advertised pure magic! I was expecting a nice flight, warm sunny beaches, experiences of a lifetime, and a blue tropical ocean. Instead of all that, I got a flight that was delayed for close to 6 hours, rain every day we were there, all of our activities were canceled due t rain and choppy waters, and a grey restless ocean.

    This definitely was NOT the vacation advertised all over the place, but it was fun and I’m glad I was able to gather those funny memories.

  2. Those are AMAZING photos!!! I used to want to only get photos of the places I’d been, but now I capture more of the mood than anything. I’m finding that afterwards, even the bad days can be funny. It helps make the bad moment a little easier to bear. Last trip to Disney the hubby had kidney stones. Not a good time for him and kinda bummer for the rest of the family to spend the day without him at Universal. On the other hand, he happily spent time in the jacuzzi with the remote in one hand and a book in the other. So he actually has some pretty happy memories of most of that trip. We decided long ago to make the most out of whatever trip we were on no matter what went wrong. Not easy for me the control freak, but wow what a difference it’s made (for the better!)

  3. I try not to go in with high expectations. Usually that works. I have stayed in some horrible hotel rooms. Most recently, in Copenhagen the shower was just a corner of the bathroom. No glass, to partition…just a curtain and the floor got soaked. however, we had a wonderful view of Tivoli Gardens and the location was perfect. And the floor died quickly. I’m pretty easy going and can laugh things off quickly.

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