Look Who’s Here, He’s Still Here

Notes from the composer who revolutionized the musical theatre world by trying to tell honest stories and doing it well. A glance at Mr. Sondheim’s thoughts on a few of his own works.

Inset photos from here, here, and here

8 thoughts on “Look Who’s Here, He’s Still Here

  1. We don’t have much going on in the performing arts around here. Your blog gives me exposure to them. Keep digging away. The neurosis paragraph really hit home for me. I think sometimes my writing suffers from being too honest and driving people away, but then I read something like that and it re-invigorates

    • Glad it was able to strike a chord CP! And I hope that you continue to write things that are honest to who you are. If you deny yourself the opportunity to do so, you deny the rest of the opportunity to enjoy.

  2. Love Sondheim’s work. Years ago, I was at the Smithsonian, and they had on display his working copy, complete with scribbled notes and scratch-outs, of one of the songs from “Gypsy” (I think)…when I realized what it was, I stared at the piece of paper in awe. It was like I’d been pulled back in time and somehow managed to sneak into his office and see what he was working on. I’ve sung “Drive a Person Crazy” twice—once in “Company” (I was Kathy), and once in “Side by Side.” I also did Louise in “Gypsy” and would love to do “Follies” one day. Hell, I’d love to do anything of his, anytime, period.

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