Time to Learn to Tread Water


Anxiety is the product of unease. A cloak of insecurity pulled around the shoulders meant to hide, to warm, to comfort – but which, more often than not, does the opposite. Instead of shielding away the bad, it shields away life in its entirety. This includes the changes, the growth, the moment-to-moment portrait of time.

To reenergize your openness to love and the life within, take a moment to let your worries have their say. Let them play out the scenario of which you are afraid to examine. And, there. You’ve given the anxiety its say. You are no longer beholden to its demands for attention.

You can now shift your focus to the scenario which you would like to experience. Paint a clear image of yourself as the person you would like to be. And you will surprise yourself with how quickly such clarity can lend itself to transformation. Notice here that rushing into the future does no good – it will come whether or not you press toward it. So take stock of each moment so you are aware when one step leads you to what you want, and one step leads you away. Readjust, realign, and refocus. You decide when you’re done growing.
(Here’s a hint: you do not ever have to be finished with this one!)

Image Source: Brain Pickings

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