A Culture Where Guilt Doesn’t Exist

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What would it feel like to banish guilt from your vocabulary? To remove it and replace it with words that are action-oriented? What change may come from taking away words that no longer serve you?

I feel guilty

I should do that

I don’t want it

It can never happen

Little adaptations make for big change.

23 thoughts on “A Culture Where Guilt Doesn’t Exist

    • I think there’s a lot to be said for the power of small changes. This mindfulness is what makes many people excel at what they do as they are able to move forward without berating themselves. Western culture on the whole prides itself in reason over feeling, but what it comes to something as destructive as guilt…I think it’s worth evaluating whether or not it deserves such a pedestal throughout our daily lives. Your thoughts Allison?

      • It speaks to me because I’ve experienced guilt as hugely crippling, even when there’s no need to feel guilty — like if the “guilty” situation has already passed and been resolved. Ultimately, guilt isn’t really a feeling that serves anyone. It just makes you act small. It’s difficult to imagine life without guilt because it’s so engrained, but I like your post because it’s freeing!

  1. A life without guilt is completely foreign to the religion oriented west. I’m glad I learned to live without guilt several years ago. It is so freeing.

    • Thanks gm! Negativity is normative – by that I mean, we are the ones that give words power. I would love to see less negativity used in the overall vocabulary, but I think the English language would need a re-haul if we expected to ask Merriam Webster to remove 20% of the content. Think it has to first be achieved on a person-by-person basis. Language goes through its cycles. There’s no reason to think that a few words that are popular today may not be popular in 50 years time.

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  4. Hi there, I love this post. And I love the photo of the quote. I am wondering if I could use your photo on a blog I’m writing on Mother’s Guilt? I would, of course, credit you with a link back to your site. Please let me know if that’s okay.


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