5 Ways to Instantly Reclaim Your Voice


Your chops growing a little rusty? Been a while since you let out your best roar? When feeling detached from yourself, it can be tough to re-find center. And while there’s a time for stewing and a time for silence, there is too much power inherent in words for you to not share a few of your own.  Time to take back your voice and use it for good.

1. Come clean with yourself. Have you been completely honest with yourself as of late? Perhaps that metaphorical lump in your throat has to do with a personal wrestling match with a truth you would prefer to remain unsaid. When it looks like you’re the only one getting tired from those endless bouts, it may be time to sit down and bring the tough stuff to light. Ask yourself what has been a source of struggle and then listen. Refuse to censor yourself. The answer may be unexpected or a no-brainer. But the newfound clarity can help you decide how to proceed.

2. 10 Word Manifesto. You have ten words to describe yourself  – only. What would they be? Take a look at your list and see if you would like to swap out any for a new characteristic. While you cannot be all things for all people, you can certainly be the absolute best version of yourself. And you get to define what that is as often as you like.

3. Break your pattern. This one takes a healthy dose of love in the face of fear. There’s no shame in getting pulled into old habits, but thinking that negative habits are all that define you spurs self-doubt in even the toughest of folks. Speak to someone new, tell a friend something they would never guess about you, journal to your heart’s content. Remember to approach the “new” with graciousness, to thank it for the specks of fear it instills right before the breakthrough into the light.

4. Know that nothing is permanent. This includes success, disappointment, difficulty or ease. We are ever in a state of flux. Assume that everything in your life has the ability to change tomorrow – because in reality, it does.

5. Your soul is your best instrument. Discover what lights you up from head to toe and celebrate it. It’s undeniable that passion is the greatest force for true expression. Without it, the world is washed in multitudes of gray. Start small, keep your eyes open and notice when you feel pulled towards something – an artist, a place, a feeling, a future yet known. Ready, set, follow.

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10 thoughts on “5 Ways to Instantly Reclaim Your Voice

  1. I love all this advice! A couple of these rang very true for me, particularly the first one, about being honest with yourself. I am coming off of a very long writer’s block caused by bottling up lots of emotions and anger and hurt for years. So I definitely agree: honesty is the best policy!

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