When It’s Okay to Have a Meltdown


We all get overwhelmed. Life can be a whole pile of overwhelming. Next time you’re on the verge of imploding/exploding/ode-to-joying, remember that there are a number of situations in which it is perfectly acceptable to have a meltdown.

A handy guide:

– When you’ve tried to spell “receive” incorrectly 5 times in a row

– When the saran wrap tears leaving you with an endless strand of plastic 1mm in width

– When Blockbuster is out of the next season of Breaking Bad

– When traffic stops you from going more than 10 city blocks over the course of two hours

– When things end

– When new beginnings arise

– When you can’t decide which way you should part your hair

– When someone asks you what your favorite book/movie/restaurant is and there is no possible way to pick just one

– When you have too much

– When jealous folks get rude and catty

– When that new song you love becomes that overplayed song you love within the course of a week

– When you think you feel a spider on you but there’s none there

– When nothing is happening

– When everything is happening

All good problems to have.

Allow yourself all the feelings. Each and every one of ’em. You’ll be glad for it at the end of the day.

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