A Collective But Non-exhaustive List of Thanks

As of August 1st, 2013


Thank you for Brecht, for Sartre, for tea with one ice cube, for croissants, for real butter, for caramelized onions, for Lapine, for Sondheim, for bikes, for sleeping until the afternoon, for parents, for a friend that makes you better, for the friend who teaches you to want more, for stripes, for cursive, for Hugo, for Dumas, for an indent on the pillow, for true love, for Le Petit Prince, for Cloud Atlas, for string sections, for crescendos, for pinky toes, for lips, for red wine, for harmony, for off-buttons, for boba, for book sales, for snail mail, for hardwood floors, for air-conditioning, for metaphysics, for bottled water, for astrobiology, for Forbrydelsen, for candid photos, for challenges, for three-word notes, for high notes, for pedestrian walkways, for Central Station, for online booking, for belting, for foreshadowing, for e.e. cummings, for Hadestown, for cast iron skillets, for half smiles, for unexpected cards, for the moment before you’re sure, for shavasana, for Einaudi, for Caravan Palace, for dancing around the subject, for finally talking, for a side of grits, for forgiving not forgetting, for pressure points, for imagination, for you.

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