This gal digs a host of things, but here are some topics that are sure to get her talking:

– Sondheim receives the Lifetime Achievement Award before he’s “finished creating.” Discuss.

– How much does Steve Reich’s Music for 18 Musicians rock your world?

– Should a Broadway show ever have a budget in excess of $50 million? Does more money mean better art?

California-based, music-obsessed, in love with life. I believe in the power of performance and the beauty of life’s idiosyncrasies. I think that passion is the most vital ingredient in a good show and that people should support and keep the arts alive.

Want to chat more? Drop me a lineΒ and let me know what you’re passionate about.

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  1. Hey…Thank you so much for the kind words on skydiaries. Thank you for finding me…because you did, I found you. I love your openeyed commitment to life. Makes me happy! I’ll be back to visit, for sure.

  2. Love this! Glad you found my site and that I found yours! Hope my blog will bring brightness and expansion into your life, because I can see that you will turn around and share those things with those around you!

  3. I love your blog! I grew up with a theatre background, and it seems to tag along with me now! From what I’ve seen already, this seems like a great blog, so I’ll definitely be back πŸ™‚

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m a theatre girl, too…thought mostly “retired” except for teaching. Glad to find your blog…I think we’re on the same page about a lot of things.

  5. Thanks so much for taking a look at my blog and liking one of my posts! It seems that you like to post a whole lot about things that are really relevant to my interests. I look forward to reading more of your posts!


  6. Hi there, thanks for stopping by my place earlier πŸ™‚

    I’ll have a look around yours, so far I like what I see πŸ˜‰

    Hope to see you again soon, K.

  7. It’s a very long time since I was involved in theatre myself (and not necessarily at a very high level *then*!), but the wealth in theatre life is immeasurable, and I’m married to a performer (musician) so am still deeply enamored of the backstage-onstage life and, far more than that, the people who bring it all into being. I’ll look forward to wandering around here to see what I can learn from you. Cheers!

  8. Hey there, thank you for your appreciation of the “Art Power” post; I am glad you stumbled upon it, pleased to meet you! “Does more money mean better art?” this is a VERY good question, and it has inspired much thought for me, it is something I have pondered for some time. Starting up a theatre company on very little/virtually no budget does limit you in terms of the physical elements like the costumes, props, venue ect but it does not daunt me. I don’t believe it will affect the quality of the words that I write or the performances given by those that portray them to an audience. Passion and energy are what make me deem a piece of performance art as worthy of the term quality. And those qualities live within people, not bits of set or the walls of a building. True, these things enhance the visual quality of a piece, but in regards to quality of performance I believe that as long as there are those with creativity right down to the fingertips and the toes, we will have quality art. You can’t buy passion and energy. Looking forward to crossing paths with you again, all the best.

  9. Thank you for the good wishes and the comment on my blog! Hope 2012 brings you love and joy and hope to chat to you again soon.

  10. Hi there! Thank you for appreciating my Play Reading Challenge. Perhaps, you’d want in on it too? LOL. Since you’re into Theatre as well, perhaps you’d like to read and review a new play? Unless you’re not into it of course. In any case, many many thanks again πŸ™‚

  11. Yep, without passion we probably wouldn’t have the arts. I also think passion is the vital ingredient to life. Imagine if we all followed our passion. Thanks for a great blog πŸ™‚

  12. Hi,
    Thanks for stopping by my Blog. WOW! Love your photo, Damn Sexy & Cool too! I like alot of wall grafitti. I used to make videos on youtube and I put alot of pics of grafitti set to music in videos. I also liked green-screening and such, but I gave that up and now I’m seeing where a Blog will take me. I hope to get to know you better through your blog, and I’ll definately be looking in on you. Tell you more later,
    P.S.- Nice to meet you.

  13. Thanks for dropping by the blog. We are kindred souls as I have spent a lot of years in theatre and have found that all of life’s lessons that i now coach clients on really did come from performing and directing. Chat me up sometime. Stay true to You.

  14. Thanks for stopping by my blog today, reading, and liking one of my posts. I hope you will visit again soon. I usually post three to four new articles a week. I don’t know a whole lot about theatre, but this looks like a wonderful site. Blessings, Connie

  15. What a great profile photo, and I have to say, I’m really enjoying reading your blog… what strikes me is your passion for life.. I’m not really an artistic or theatrical person but your passion speaks to me, and your writing too! πŸ™‚

  16. Thank you for stopping by and the “like” on my Friday Five post today. I love what I’ve read here so far and will be back.

  17. Thanks for the β€œlike” – appreciate it! Your blog is creative and amusing. Keep up the good work with your theater aspirations. So glad you stopped by my blog and I hope to hear from you again.

  18. So cool. I’ve loved Steve Reich and especially Music for 18 Musicians since the early 80’s and have seen him perform several times. I love avant garde Opera (Pina Bausch) and electronic ambient music. I am excited to know you and thank you for stopping by my blog. So much to talk about. Let’s connect. I will subscribe to your blog. Feel free if you like to subscribe.

  19. ‘I believe in the power of performance and the beauty of life’s idiosyncrasies. I think that passion is the most vital ingredient in a good show and that people should support and keep the arts alive.’

    I so agree!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog recently!

  20. Thanks for liking my post on my blog: http://cultivatingourselvestogether.com – because now I am aware of you – thoroughly enjoyed poking around on your site – and love your question – Does more money mean better art? I believe the more we support and inspire our artists, the more creative they become…also agree with your belief that people should support and keep the arts alive. I am reminded of a quote: β€œArt washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life” Pablo Picasso

  21. From what I’ve seen so far on your blog..it’s AWESOME!
    Looking forward to reading more from you!
    How goes the Sky-Diving competition..?? I’m an adrenaline junkie..so I would love LOVE you to win!!
    And your post about the arts I found amazing..
    Now I’m blabbering..I will stop typing and start “liking”


  22. Morning! You have been nominated for the Kreativ Blogger Award! Check out my blog for rules if you wish to accept! Happy Blogging!

  23. Hello! You’ve a wonderful blog! And thank you for stopping by mine and for liking my new post! πŸ™‚
    My best wishes,

  24. I nominated your blog for The Very Inspiring Blogger award! Please take a look at http://www.peacewithmylife.com and respond in accordance with the award rules. You need to list 10 facts about yourself and β€œnominate” another 15-20 blogs. It is a great way for the blogging community to get to know each other and for me to say how much I enjoy your blog!

  25. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog to read about “My Darcy Weekend” Chesapeake Shakespeare did a wonderful job with P&P if you are anywhere near Baltimore, MD you should try to catch the show. Nice blog btw. I enjoyed trespassing for a bit. Cheers, Rita

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  27. Thanks for visiting my blog and liking the Motivation post! I enjoy reading through your blog and will be back for more!

  28. It is fascinating to hear the progression of Reich’s Music for 18 Musicians. My favorite type of music, in any genre, is music displaying an evolution of sorts… in which the listener hears the introduction of a new sound emerging into a blend of instruments.

    I was unfamiliar with Music for 18 Musicians before discovering it here at your blog. My favorite parts of the video were around 5 minutes (when vocals enter), and near the end when the evolution and assemblage of sound comes to fruition.

    Seeing the movie Moonrise Kingdom, I found The Young People’s Guide to The Orchestra Op. 34 interesting to hear – for the same reason – in that the individual sounds can be distinguished, singly at first, then within the whole orchestra. It is a piece that essentially trains the ear of the listener.

  29. “Get involved yourself on things even they do not exist yet…” Art and expression are slowly fading away into the “all free” mindset of this modern ere of internet. I am happy to know that there are still champions of the art out there!

  30. Thanks for dropping in and liking a couple of my posts! You have a great blog, and I’m looking forward to checking it out often!

  31. Love your imagination and once I heard/read the name Sondheim & theatre I knew I was going to be visiting your site often. What an original approach. The directness & honesty. Love all your creative thoughts. Thank you for finding my blog so that I could find yours. jk

  32. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the “like” on my recent post. I’m happy that you enjoyed it.

    I love your blog so far! I’m looking forward to following it and learning a lot more about music, the theater, and creative life!

  33. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog and giving me the chance to meet you. I love your philosophy and agree totally that passion is the most vital ingredient in art. One of the things I love about blogging is meeting so many creative people. Best wishes to you in sunny California, from a writer on the distant Yorkshire moors!

  34. Love your blog so much….I think we have some very common interests. I love photography, music, dance, theater, the arts in general with writing and photography being my passions. Was wondering if you were a photographer too. Really love the blog! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier and I post at two others as well, but you may enjoy this one: http://u2areloved.com/

  35. I’ve given you the Very Inspiring Blogger Award because you have lifted my spirits and given me awareness of things that I wouldn’t have found otherwise. Consider this a big thank you and pay it forward to someone who has been an inspiration to you. If you aren’t into this sort of thing, then just know that someone out here admires your work.


    kat at synkroniciti

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