Reasons Why Alan Cumming is Winning at Life

And now in a little homage to the winner of “People I’d Most Like to Be Best Friends With,” may I present Mr. Alan Cumming. Endlessly versatile and extremely talented, this man has turned his life into a work of art. Curious as to why he’s won the title? Check out just a few of the reasons below.

He’s not afraid to wear:




 Or this (lil bit NSFW).

This Letter to a younger version of himself.  

He was Loki first (so what if it was in the otherwise terrible Son of the Mask?)

He’s not afraid to laugh at himself. 

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Art & Soul

If you could only use a few words to describe what the arts meant to you, what would you say?

From the book celebrating the arts and creativity, Art & Soul.

A beautiful collection from 123 actors, producers, directors, dancers and singers who came together, sat for portraits and wrote about what the arts mean to them.
Photos by Pulitzer Prize winner Brian Smith.
A portion of the book sales are donated to The Creative Coalition, the nonprofit advocacy group of the arts and entertainment communities.