Prefer Uncertainty, It’s the Only Certain Thing

Advertisements you will never read: Safety Nets On Sale This Week

Life doesn’t publicize the good stuff. Instead it keeps them stockpiled, hidden. Waiting for you to ask if there’s a little something behind the counter that could help you get along.

You won’t find them on the shelves when you scramble around in nervous need. They are the complimentary gift that accompanies a purchase of faith. Grab some and a pack of gum at the nearby all-night mart.

As you cliff dive from uncertain heights, remember that you’ve leaped before. Maybe just over puddles or curbs, but you’ve always found your footing. This time doesn’t have to be any different. Close your eyes and enjoy the fall.

Headlines you might never read: Individual Survives A Personal Crisis. But that doesn’t mean the story’s not worth telling. Or that the net does not exist after all.

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