The Strange Symmetry of Frustration and Growth

To fall is not to fail but to float down in silent comprehension
As once concealed enigmas unravel themselves
To the tune of “told you so.”

Time crawls by on all fours,
Tracing neglected fissures in the foundation
With graying finger and knowing eyes.
These cracks, most minuscule: “see where they have led.”

To fall is not to fail but to finally sit beside yourself,
Marveling at clarity’s tardy arrival,
Nursing aubergine patches until “ready to try again?”

Image Source: Zena Holloway

When Everything Goes Wrong, Make Good Art

Neil Gaiman’s trusted words meet the creative mind over at Zen Pencils – Gavin Aung Than of Melbourne, Australia (keeping with the Aussie theme as of late). His admiration for people doing and saying great things led him to start his own business just two months ago. Now he creates “cartoon quotes from inspirational folks” and his work is just great.