There Is No Try, There is Only Do

If she can pull off this ridiculous display of talent and sing live, we should forever reconsider our willingness to put up with lipsynching performances.

Things to be on the lookout for:

1. Inverted splits. May as well start off on a high note.

2. Counter balance holds. Harmony through tension, as the two use each other to pull off full body balance poses.  

3. Belting while crashing into any/everything. Just watch and enjoy.

I Was Just A Card

There’s something so addicting about this choreographer’s work. Her young dancers are well trained, yes. But the true power of her pieces comes from a true understanding of how to convey human emotion through performance. Instead of peacock-ing and showing off the talent of each member of her company, she showcases their vibrancy through storytelling. And we all love a good story…