Things to Do Now That It’s Fall

Pumpkin, Chai, Cinnamon, Apples, Roasted Pears – get in my kitchen. The recipe pictured above nearly captures everything I think of fall to be: chai-spiced slow cooker pear applesauce. Oh, oh yes.

Southern California has the unique position of never experiencing a season. As a girl who grew up with a fair amount of weather, I have to admit I get nostalgic for it. Without leaves changing colors all around, I’m resolved to add a bit of fall into the everyday. Whether it’s clothes or what I put on a plate, this fall will be infused with a spectrum of warm hues.

Something about this time of year lends itself to song. So why not play along? I plan to break out the piano a learn a few new tunes.

We forget that there’s room for this in life. Let’s let fall be a reminder to get outside, get exploring, and to take ourselves a little less seriously.

Tea, coffee, cider, whatever it is – now’s the time to serve it up warm, curl your fingers around a cup, and enjoy.

The best ideas are often those that seem to crazy to be true. Here’s to believing and putting those wild ideas into action.

Seeking: moments that take my breath away. Must have a love of adventure. Possible suitors include parasailing, skydiving, motorcyling, and more.

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The Strange Symmetry of Frustration and Growth

To fall is not to fail but to float down in silent comprehension
As once concealed enigmas unravel themselves
To the tune of “told you so.”

Time crawls by on all fours,
Tracing neglected fissures in the foundation
With graying finger and knowing eyes.
These cracks, most minuscule: “see where they have led.”

To fall is not to fail but to finally sit beside yourself,
Marveling at clarity’s tardy arrival,
Nursing aubergine patches until “ready to try again?”

Image Source: Zena Holloway