How to Not Stop After One Good Idea

It’s easy to feel satisfied with yourself after a job well done. The project was a hit, your ego’s been lovingly stroked a bit, and you toasted champagne. But how do you deal with the daunting feeling that creeps in a few days after your joyous success? What’s next? 

How will you possibly recreate that sense of achievement again? It is tempting to use the routes that are tried and true. “It worked last time, it’ll work this time too” you try to convince yourself. But, in the back of your mind, a little voice will remind you that you will need to do something different this time around. How many movie sequels have you seen that were legitimately better than their forerunner? A handful, maybe? And those that were able to entertain you were ones that did something different. Starting again from scratch will be hard, yes. But you had a good idea once – don’t sell yourself short by thinking that you will only have one good idea in your entire lifetime.

Brainstorm. Write down everything no matter how crazy, trivial, stupid, or unimportant you may think it is.

You will want to censor yourself. Don’t.

Instead let every idea that comes to you have a space on the page. It is only by digging around and seeking out the new that we escape bad habits of the old.

Surround yourself with other creative people. Those that are thinking at a million-miles-a-minute will inspire you to do the same.

Hold yourself to impossibly high standards and the planning for your next big thing will be a breeze. Go easy on yourself and watch how the road in front of you quickly turns into an insurmountable impasse.

Allow failures to push you forward, not hold you back. Every failure is an opportunity to learn one new way not to do something.

Never stop at that first good idea.  You’ll thank yourself for it.

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