Life and Times in Graphs

Have you run into Jessica Hagy‘s work before? This intelligent lady is a steady contributor over at Forbes and uses “visuals to tell stories, jokes, and truths.” Her recent list of 40 Things to Say Before You Die is a wonderful collection of little truisms that we can all strive to check off of our bucket lists.

I can do better

As soon as you say it, you’re that much closer to making it true.

You’re amazing

Let yourself be in awe of another person, and you’ll feel strong and weak simultaneously.

I’m sorry

But you can’t just say it; you have to mean it. Really mean it.

I want that

Ask for it: that’s you get what you covet—from others and for yourself.

Tell me more

Really getting to know someone (or some topic) will help you better triangulate your own place in the world.

I understand

More important than being right, or being important, is being truly aware.

I don’t know how to do this

It’s better to admit it and learn than to fake it and embarrass yourself.

I earned this

There’s a layer of proud ownership over everything you possess that wasn’t merely given to you.

Damn, I look good

You come from a long line of people who convinced others to sleep with them. Remember that.

This is who I am

The nervous energy spent pretending to be something you’re not is better spent on practically anything else.

(Content: Jessica Hagy, jump here for the full list)