Letting the Heart Have Its Say


The mind delights in lofty pursuits –
Tête-a-têtes in bilingual prose
And dissections of unsatisfying denouements –
Just to prove it can.

But when words grow weary
And wits tire of the unending race,
May you learn to sing of your longing.

For the soul rejoices in hearing its song,
Strains of melody painting delicate truths,
All heart affirmed, all opposition abandoned
With no chance to be mistaken.

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Bite-sized Wisdom: Norman

Because the whisperings of one heart can speak the truth for many:


“The theater is a communal event, like church. The playwright constructs a mass to be performed for a lot of people. She writes a prayer, which is really just the longings of one heart.”

― Marsha Norman

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Heartstrings Tend to Know

Untangle the knots that hold your breath
Trapped tightly against your chest

Smooth out the line, too thin to be weighted,
Efforts to sever caught by its artful strength

Cast out the string, baited with care,
And wait with heightened senses

And once you feel the tug,
No matter how slight,


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Fame’s No Easy Substitute For Love

And you, who knows me better than all, a touch is all it takes. 

Our communion has been treasure enough, but oh, to have this promise.

“But how, with all this light?”
“Can’t you see the constellations?”

Their eyes like our eyes, darling. 

He’s not the only one who waits for you.

Another season gone by. The crown you said you didn’t crave keeps you from us here. 

Words are fleeting, love. What’s left are memories.

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Visual storytelling for Rachel and Andrew Jackson à la Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson

Fix It Before It’s Broken

When the edges begin to fray,
and simple threads release their tight embrace
to reach instead for open air,
take notice and mend the seam.

As the soles wear down,
and pebbles caught underfoot pinch upward
clinging to a newfound crevice,
brush them away and repair the base beneath.

If anger pervades your thoughts,
and keeps you from your lover’s side
as your hungry ego yearns for validation,
Seek solace in each others arms and not in silence.

And should the heart begin to harden,
and bitterness bite down on tender flesh
to build up  calloused walls,
run swiftly to the promise of love  – the only balm, the only cure.

Work Is Not a Job

Looking for a manifesto to remind you that it never hurts to pursue your creative side no matter what career you have? Look no further than the inspired message of Catharina Bruns, a German-born designer and illustrator behind Work Is Not A Job. Her site aims to reshift your focus by reminding you that ‘work’ is not your 9-5 job but how you individually contribute to the world.

“In his pursuit of the dream, he was being constantly subjected to tests of his persistence and courage”

The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho

Making It Up vs. Sticking to the Script

What’s more fun to watch? A group of rag-tag actors improvising in hopes of making you laugh, or a fully-realized performance with every aspect perfected to a T?

There’s something absolutely impressive about a group that can improvise. And do it well. The natural ability to pull quick-witted phrases from the air? Enviable. The way they make it seem like it requires no effort at all? Never fails to impress.

Mute Button Skit from Improv Everywhere

In reality, I don’t think the two are comparable. Both can be brilliant in their own right.

“The Glorious Ones” seems to argue that improvisation requires more skill. The troupe transitions from their rowdy, improvised street performances to a more static, scripted version of their shows. This shift demonstrates that although the scripted play may be technically beautiful, it lacks the heart that was once found in their work.

You can see a perfect example of this stilted-style of performance in this little gem from Moulin Rouge. The lovers sing-shout at each other, barely touch – and yet it’s supposed to convey some version of reality.

The last line of this scene always kills me…but the only clip I could find wasn’t in English

…I kinda love it even more.

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