Theatre of the Absurd: Holiday Edition

Act I: Arrive at family’s house and proceed in joyous greetings of family and friends.

Act II: Bide time with niceties and stories around the table until an appropriate drinking hour approaches and proceed to kill off 12 bottles of wine. Between six people. Over the course of 4 hours.

Act III: Miraculously awake early (and without headache) and wander downstairs to watch giant balloons float across the TV screen while preparing for Turkey feast.

Act IV: After said feast, brother presents a new near-finished musical. Commence read-thru of a story complete with lightening-pace humor, 10 part harmony, and pokemonsters.

Act V: Family and friends again gather around the table, in that satisfyingly circular way that is everpresent in this life – repetition through tradition, tradition as a means of recapturing a memory, a feeling – a means to a hopefully familiar end.

Hope your weekend was long, luxurious and memorable. You’ll notice this “play” lacks a central conflict. Because these past few days of holiday were absolutely divine.