Making It Happen – Made Easy

Ready to kickstart your Monday? I thought so. Watch, rinse, repeat.

This lady’s cool credo and hip presentation offers some solid life advice. The perfect antidote to those doubtful days, those “meh” moments, and those timid thoughts that sneak up on each of us every once in a while.

Don’t let perfection be the enemy of progress. Get out there and do a little something that gets you closer to where you want to be.

Your Art as a Child

Acknowledge that spark of an idea, the twinkle of  creation.

Endure the birth pangs, the painful fear that what you have envisioned may not live up to all that you hope. Be gentle with yourself. Push through and let that product of conception breach the light.

Do not ignore the cries, the whimpers when your fledgling calls for your help.

It cannot stand on its own yet. Take its hand when it falls. Right it and help it rise again.

Stand by its side and champion the small successes. Guide  it back to a proper path when it strays.

Do not coddle your young one. Do not pride yourself when it is not fully-formed.

Continue to put in the work, day after day. Know that anything worth doing requires patience and persistence. Not every day will be easy.

It will be grown before you know it. When it looks back for your approval, nod and let it continue to thrive on its own.

Sleep peacefully. You have made something. And in doing so, made the world a little better.

Rinse and repeat. There can never be a shortage of beautiful things in this life.

Why not be part of it?

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25 Ways to Be Unsuccessful Creatively (and in life)

“Many of life’s failures are men who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”

-Thomas Edison

1. Compare your work to others’ constantly.

2. Give up when presented with an obstacle.

3. Never ask for help. Be an “island” out on your own.

4. Be afraid of change.

5. Never plan.

6. Think that you can’t do it.

7. Blame someone else for your failings.

8. Never work on yourself or try to improve.

9. Let past failings hold you back from future successes.

10. When something isn’t working, ignore it. Don’t bother trying to fix it.

11. Convince yourself that your dreams are too big.

12. Expect someone else to come in, work their magic and save the day.

13. Never express gratitude for what you have.

14. Treat others as if they mean nothing to you.

15. Do lazy work.

16. Never forgive yourself or others for mistakes.

17. Choose friends who belittle your dreams.

18. Stop Learning. You’re probably smart enough.

19. Be afraid of what others will think of you.

20. Make excuses.

21. Lack persistence.

22. Self-sabotage.

23. Don’t trust your instincts.

24. Let perfectionism get in the way of progress.

25. Stop creating.

Hope these handy tips help!

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