8 Designs to Help You Let Your Right Brain Off its Leash

Feeling a little overwhelmed by the how, what, when and where? The right brain tenses up and leaves the worrying to the left brain that will try to reason with you and make sense out of those “crazy,” “silly,” or “impossible” ideas that come strolling through your head. Time to take a cue from Frederick Terral of Right Brain Terrain whose clever designs will remind you that it’s okay, and even preferable, to let the right hemisphere show off once in a while:

Stand Out: Because there’s no point in being a clone of someone else.

Shoot For the Moon: Because even if you miss, you’re one step closer to space travel than you were yesterday.

BU4U: (Say it out loud) Feeling unauthentic? Reevalute and realize it’s okay to be the you that you want to be.

Breakthrough: Pow! Zap! Blam! Make your own breakthrough pack a punch of epic proportions.

Right Brain Powered: Because while the left brain’s being reasonable, the right brain wants to get out and play. Let it have the reigns for a while and watch what happens.

Dream Catcher: Because sometimes the literal take on an important idea is the best. This image makes it easy for us to visualize grabbing that dream before it floats up and away.

Resilience: Ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no valley low enough…keep going, even when it gets tough. You’ll make it up and out eventually.

PERPHICT: Because what is perfect anyway? Bend your rigid perfectionism and find out what happens when you explore other ideas of Perphictshun.