Why Keep the Good Stuff All To Yourself?

Sustain the spark that you’ve kept dim,
Hidden by cupped hands in near prayer.
Candles are made to show light.

Clutching the embers to the chest
Sears the hands with selfish worry –
A burn touching more than the skin.

Instead set it out for others to see
With passion – your new lantern’s oil.

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Love Letters on the Wall

Stephen Powers is giving the term love letter a whole new meaning with his innovative art project, A Love Letter for You. Partnering with City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, he has been transforming the city one wall at a time to infuse industrial facades with a little more levity, light, and (oh yeah) love. All of the murals were developed for ideal viewing when riding the rail around the city.

Don’t you just love the idea of giving a cold and hardened metropolis a softer voice? These “sweet nothings” make for a huge transformation.

All images: A Love Letter for You

My Breath is Your Breath

If beauty of soul were breath enough
I’d drink my fill of you.

Enough to return glow to any fading pallor,
It would be you, all light,
that rises and falls in my chest.

Each inhalation, an embrace
of two twin forms made to couple with
the aching muscle named for love.

Ebb and flow as you must,
that we may revel in each swift reunion.

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