Love Letters on the Wall

Stephen Powers is giving the term love letter a whole new meaning with his innovative art project, A Love Letter for You. Partnering with City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, he has been transforming the city one wall at a time to infuse industrial facades with a little more levity, light, and (oh yeah) love. All of the murals were developed for ideal viewing when riding the rail around the city.

Don’t you just love the idea of giving a cold and hardened metropolis a softer voice? These “sweet nothings” make for a huge transformation.

All images: A Love Letter for You

The “100 Things Purge”

In efforts to simplify my life, I recently decided to combine cleaning my apartment with a quest to figure out if I could find 100 things I could either throw away or donate. Surprised myself with how many things I was holding on to for no good reason. Some things went to Goodwill, others just into the trashbin. Either way, already feel lighter.

Here are the result of that purge:

1. Jacket 2. Perfume 3. Gift box 4. Lanyard 5. Eyeshadow 6. Mirror 7. I Heart Jim post-it notes 8. Playing cards 9. Chuck Norris Button 10. Keychain 11. Luggage tag 12. Purse 13. Makeup bag 14. Makeup bag 15. Film promo bag 16. Old Headphones 17. Necklace bag 18. Mardi Gras Necklace 19. Mardi Gras Necklace 20. Headband 21. Wristlets 22. Bead glue 23. Beads 24. Shirt 25. Sunglasses 26. Garfunkel & Oates Single (they’re hilarious) 27/28. Extra Holiday towels 29. Quickdry hair towel 30. Shirt 31. Shirt 32. Tape holder 33. Sleep kit 34. Eyemask 35. Socks 36. Hairbrush 37. Old check holder 38. Tweezers 39. Keychain  40-45. Placemats (from when my kitchen was green once upon a time) 46.  Old mic 47.  Water bottle 48. Pencil Lead 49. Knitted hat 50. Cup 51. Cup 52-55. Plates 56-57. Two placemats 58. Organization Box 59. Headband 60. Razor 61. Earring 62. Kazoo 63. Bag 64. Bag 65. Sock 66. Sock 67. Sock 68. Bag 69-70. Jazz shoes 71-72. Jazz shoes 73. Sock 74. Sock  75. Bag  76. Cuisinart Box 77-83. Assorted Magazines 84. Box from birthday gift 85. Poster 86. Broken DVD player 87. Paleyfest Catalog 88. Packing box 89. Mag 90. Trader Joe’s Mag 91. Brookstone Mag 92. Dutch Oven Box 93. Blush 94. Lipliner 95. Foundation (all of these foundations were either the wrong shade or only had a few drops left in them) 96. Mascara 97. Foundation 98. Eyeshadow 99. Hair tie 100. Foundation

Want to share what would your 100 Things Purge look like?
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