The Biggest Adventure You’ll Ever Take is Already in Progress

And oh but it is. As I turn another year older, I’m reaffirming a commitment to that grand ol’ adventure that is life.

From visiting Australia and New Zealand to putting on one of my favorite shows, the last 365 days have been chock full of adventures over which I’m still pinching myself.

Also, a big thank you to all of you readers who have been a part of this WordPress endeavor these past few months. What started as a pinboard for show inspiration quickly transformed into an amalgam of all things creative, random, or otherwise intriguing. Thank you all for your inspiring posts, thought-provoking comments and all-around support.

And may you all find ways to enjoy your own personal adventures.

Poster available here.

Past a Land Made For Many

Anxious and undone, little one.

Worry is a vast land with many travelers –

Some even dubbed honorary kings.

But why linger here?

There are finer shores ahead.

Push towards the coast with abandon.

Know its tranquil sanctuary by the golden crest

That extinguishes light into the sea –

A goodnight kiss and a promise to return when morning comes.

Here shall you be crowned.

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