Bite-sized Wisdom: Holmes

This playwright/composer/singer-songwriter speaks on life’s daily adventures. Hope you have a few this weekend!


“For me, the most memorable adventures are still the perils that we face daily in life and love, from the mundane to the meaningful. Where the comedy is often at our own expense, but where the drama, even if painful, reminds us that we are living and feeling here in the real time, with the ever-recurring possibility that this latest chapter will end with new understanding, hope and perhaps even happiness.”

– Rupert Holmes

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Do You Hear the People Sing? Why the Whole World Is Listening Now

In lieu of offering a full fledged review of the recent movie, I would like to offer this trip around the world with 17 Valjeans from international productions. Because if nothing else, well-done movie musicals offer exposure to the medium. And there’s nothing like getting another person addicted to a show that took over the musical world for the better part of two decades.

There’s a reason why the show has clout – just listen to the ending (4:44).

He’s Walken Here

There are few actors more iconic than Mr. Walken. His acting chops have definitely earned a place in my favorites list. But did you know the son of a gun can sing and dance too?

This clip from the 1981 musical movie Pennies From Heaven lets you watch him strut his stuff…and all in one continuous take!

Art & Soul

If you could only use a few words to describe what the arts meant to you, what would you say?

From the book celebrating the arts and creativity, Art & Soul.

A beautiful collection from 123 actors, producers, directors, dancers and singers who came together, sat for portraits and wrote about what the arts mean to them.
Photos by Pulitzer Prize winner Brian Smith.
A portion of the book sales are donated to The Creative Coalition, the nonprofit advocacy group of the arts and entertainment communities.

Making It Up vs. Sticking to the Script

What’s more fun to watch? A group of rag-tag actors improvising in hopes of making you laugh, or a fully-realized performance with every aspect perfected to a T?

There’s something absolutely impressive about a group that can improvise. And do it well. The natural ability to pull quick-witted phrases from the air? Enviable. The way they make it seem like it requires no effort at all? Never fails to impress.

Mute Button Skit from Improv Everywhere

In reality, I don’t think the two are comparable. Both can be brilliant in their own right.

“The Glorious Ones” seems to argue that improvisation requires more skill. The troupe transitions from their rowdy, improvised street performances to a more static, scripted version of their shows. This shift demonstrates that although the scripted play may be technically beautiful, it lacks the heart that was once found in their work.

You can see a perfect example of this stilted-style of performance in this little gem from Moulin Rouge. The lovers sing-shout at each other, barely touch – and yet it’s supposed to convey some version of reality.

The last line of this scene always kills me…but the only clip I could find wasn’t in English

…I kinda love it even more.

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