Sites You Should Be Reading Pt. 2

Feeling caught up with a little wanderlust lately? Then you need to head over to Vagabondish: travel advice for the adventure-hungry.

100% assured to make sure you soak up your next travel destination for all it’s worth. This site offers helpful tips on avoiding cultural faux-pas, awesome travel guides to worldwide hot spots, and other features to help you get on the road and see whatever’s next on your travel list.

Where have you been meaning to visit lately? What locale has been calling your name?

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Sites You Should Be Reading Pt. 1

Happy Monday all!

Today’s image brought to by the lovely Leah of THXTHXTHX. Leah stretches her gratitude muscles by writing thank you notes to everyday things – from the most mundane to the most significant. Each one is touching, or funny, or heartwarming. Pop on over and check it out. Her site is always a great reminder to look around and take stock of the little presents we often overlook.