Videos, show clips, music videos, and more of the like. Some examples:

Making It Up vs. Sticking to the Script

Well, You Can Tell By the Way I Use My Walk

Every Friday, notable words from some of theatre’s best and brightest. Check out:

Bite-sized Wisdom: Hammerstein

Bite-sized Wisdom: Stanislavsky

Historical stories and facts whittled down into easy-to-manage pieces. Try:

Strap those girls in! A Short History of the Corset

And you thought Daddy Long Legs were scary…

Feeling thoughtful? Various lists, points of inspiration, musings, and affirmations can be found here. Why not give one of these a go:

How to Deal When Life Throws You Curveballs

On Personal Growth

Online scrapbooks and articles to help prep for shows. How about:

Harlequin Everywhere You Look

Day in the Life: Venice

Photos that tell stories and other visual feasts. Such as:

Old-timey Movie Projector


New series on interesting theatre trends from around the globe. Start here:

World’s A Stage: Spotlight on Japan

Stories and musings from the road. A culmination of places seen and those still on the list. Try:

Kiwis and Cafes and Raptors

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