10 Things You Should Start Doing Right Now

Take more photos.
There will be a time, ten years from now perhaps, when you get nostalgic and wonder why you did not capture every glorious moment that passed by when you were just a tad younger. This cycle will continue each decade or so. So start snapping and saving a few more of those small and candid moments – the ones that make your lips curl into that side smile that you love so well.
Care for something beside yourself. 
Whether it’s a garden, a pet, or child, or stranger, discover the joy of helping someone beside yourself.  As you come across challenges you will learn patience. When you finally see them succeed, you will realize why such cultivation is completely rewarding.
Wear whatever you want.
Create your own style. If you flaunt whatever you got on, most people won’t question it. So stop worrying about critical eyes. Focus instead on finding looks that are an extension of who you are.
Don’t allow routine to control your life.
Inject your days with things that surprise you and experiences you never thought you would have. If something sounds like it might be “out of character” for you, give it a try. (You may just discover that you’re actually awesome at fire juggling).
Travel without a destination.
Try the thrilling and nerve-racking experience of heading somewhere without a checklist in mind. Explore for exploration’s sake. Decide what you deem to be the most interesting parts of a city, not what another person dictates them to be.
Let your inner child out to play. 
Life’s too short to perpetually take yourself seriously. Allow yourself time to remember the joy that accompanies an unbridled mind, then let yours loose.
Read a book.
An actual book with pages, and cover, and all. Set aside the internet and get lost in someone else’s story for a while. Marvel at the strange permanence of the author’s words. Return to “real life” when you wish.

Dance on the edge of your fear.
Take a look at what frightens you. Now challenge yourself to lay down your best moves in spite of it all. This dance off will be your largest opportunity for growth, the thing that catapults you from the person you think you are to the person you’ve always wanted to be.

Life will sling the bad and the ugly at you as well, but if you don’t take stock of the good, you may accidently forget how much of it comes your way.

Do your best to make love work.
Do not leave it all up to someone else read your mind or to fix everything. Chances are, you could be doing something too. Realize that great love transforms the things that you once thought impossible into possibilities. Isn’t that something worth fighting for?

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Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery – Too Little, Too Late?

Beautiful, aren’t you?
So glad that we could finally inspire you.

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World’s A Stage: Spotlight on New Zealand

Because you can’t take me anywhere without me clambering to check out a show, New Zealand has become the next stop on our global theatre tour.

The day before I left for the trip, I scoured the theatre results in Wellington until I happened upon the title “Chekhov in Hell.” Intrigued, it only took a quick description to sell me on a Saturday night ticket:

“Anton Chekhov, playwright, author and pitiless observer of Russian society, awakes from a hundred-year coma and finds himself in twenty-first century London”

That, and the promo photos:

This show at the Circa Theatre, one of the seven professional venues in New Zealand, takes a careful lens to our modern day habits. Illuminating without criticising, it asks the audience to consider how we may be inhibiting our lives by trying to add more to them. Obviously this applies to the technoaddiction many face, but the more interesting discussions were those of gastronomy and fashion.

Chekhov tries to get a bite to eat at a restaurant and is presented with an assortment of molecular gastronomy “delights” and deconstructed food items. The chef seems stunned when the Russian passes on a dish of chicken sashimi. And while this plate of raw chicken is a hyperbole on what’s found in mod restaurants nowadays, it still begs the question of where to draw the line between food that’s an elevated art form, and food that’s simply no longer food.

The show’s playwright shows a bit more teeth during Chekhov’s encounter with the high-class fashion world. A designer invents sexist outfits on the spot for some of his models as Chekhov stands by and wonders aloud how he gets them to adopt such trends. The designer launches into a self-assured monologue about how he can suggest a look, and consumers will lap it up. Further, he suggests that people like being told what to do, making them easily dominable as very few want to take authority over their own lives.

The play itself had some very thoughtful moments and the show does not offer any prescriptions in its prose. Leaving the audience to decide for themselves whether our modern ways are inevitable, worth amending, or simply not up to Chekhov’s standards.

While I left wishing could hear more from Chekhov, this show still makes anachronism undeniably hip.

Image Credit: Circa Theatre

America, America

Lookin’ good, America. I can only hope that when I’m 236 years old, I can still look this feisty. Take a glance at how certain trend setters are adding a dash of patriotism into their lineup to give a creative nod to the ol’ Stars and Stripes.


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Modern Day Pocahontas

What happens when the fashion world takes hold of the past and gives it its own modern spin? A few glimpses can be found below – a cultural identity pared down to a few key pieces.

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Take Me Out to the Theatre

So Polyvore’s been around for a good long time now, and it’s proved itself to be one of the most entertaining ways to dabble with would-be fashion ideas. This post is a take on the threads you could wear for show-hopping some of the memorable musicals currently playing on the Great White Way.

Anything Goes
Anything Goes: Show off more than a glimpse of stocking with this little number.
Book of Mormon
Book of Mormon: The picture perfect outfit for proselytizing…or taking in the most talked about show of recent history. 
How to Succeed (In Business Without Really Trying)
How to Succeed (In Business Without Really Trying): You have the cool, clear/ Eyes of a seeker of wisdom and truth;/ Yet there’s that upturned chin/ And that grin of impetuous youth. 
Priscilla Queen of the Desert
Priscilla Queen of the Desert: Dare to be fabulous.
Sister Act
Sister Act: Raise your voice…and your height by at least 5 inches in those heels.
Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark
Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark: The perfect outfit to watch the boy fall from the sky…Literally, he may end up in your lap. The audience has been warned.
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Fashion So Good, It Should be Illegal

And it is.  Everything had to be created from “found, recycled or stolen materials.”One of the costume designers that I had the chance to work with last year, the brilliant Ann-Closs Farley, recently took the idea of “Forbidden Fashion” onto the runway. The following photos and excerpts are from China Shop Mag’s writeup on the event.

“When the lights dimmed for the series of shows, models bearing everything from comic book accessorized suits to dresses made of playing cards and Dixie cups took to the catwalk with ease. The shows were a success, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats and occasionally bringing them to laughter.”

Ann’s inspiration for the event was the idea of a fundraiser Fashion Show for The Bootleg Theater using their offbeat name.

“I thought it would create a sexy line of clothes. I also didn’t want the participating designers to have to spend any money in building these clothes that we would auction off. They so generously were offering their time and talents. So, I added a twist to the fashion construction challenge by asking the designers to make their designs from found, recycled or stolen items. I thought it would give the show this black market feel and create a desire for a “hot property” purchase with our audience.”

She created three tracks for the show and divided the outfits up by the following themes:

1) Track 1: Guilty Pleasure

2) Track 2: Illegal

3) Track 3: Fatal

See more photos from the event below:

French Fashionista Ready to Fire


Comic Book Couture


Swattin’ Flies, Breakin’ Hearts

Animal Pelts Abound

Dixie Cup Drunk

Great Gobs of Green

52 Card Pin-up

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever worn? Stuff like this makes me want to dig through my closet and create something wild.

Harlequin Everywhere You Look

“But the past does not exist independently from the present. Indeed, the past is only past because there is a present.”

–  Michel-Rolph Trouillot

The commedia character of Arlecchino is ever-present today. Also, known as “harlequin” style, this print can be found almost everywhere.

In art:

In decoration:

In fashion:

In nature?

I wish. These guys would be beautiful.

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